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ELDARY Holding LTD is EU Cyprus based Holding company Established in 2012. Here we strive to think big and implement those ideas, taking risks and making an impact! Expert insight, resourceful guidance and a range of carefully planned strategies, to help you make the best investment decisions is what Eldary Holdings is known for.

From 2013 onwards, we are committed to spread our wings in several new investing projects, primarily focused on Real Estate properties. In fact, we own some of the best locations and sites in Cyprus. Our major objective is building Students Accomodations or Dorms and City Hotels in Cyprus. With realistic aims and practical approach, we have made an impact in the global market and managed a relatively new brand to sail through with an impeccable resilience. We can assure you that a collaboration with us is only going to be a profitable proposition for our clients.


Your Trust is Our Goal!

Trust is the key, minus that even the most efficient and meticulous services are of no great value or use for you! That is why, at our official site eldary.com, everything is automated but transparent. It’s the trust you have on us that magnifies our efforts to take care of your money and optimize investment solutions for solid returns.

The Eldary investment service prides itself on being hassle free, with little to no paperwork, and a welcoming approach to new investors who may or may not be familiar with the ins and outs of money management. A dedicated customer service ideal for people both new and experienced, a huge trust factor is more important than even extremely low costs and fees. We have it all topped up with automatically optimized investment plans for every level of risk.

Our Approach!

We believe that the best investment firm is the one that demystifies the complex financial terms for its clients, delivers unflinching and reliable guidance and helps clients make independant decisions to optimize returns on investment. And that’s exactly what we do!
Be it your savings or your retirement plans or any other investment options you may be looking for, all you need is come to us and present your portfolio. From here on, we shall take care of your confusions and provide you with complete plans and best investment solutions with an aim to maximize outcome.

To Secure Your Future!

To get you the financial future you want, we only ask your age and investment goals to help you figure out the appropriate risk level. With us aiding you, you can easily bolster your investments with solid financial literacy and secure financial future.
We aim to reduce risks and uncertainties to innovate and create the best strategies for your wealth management.

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International Industrial Certification co Ltd – TA ISO 9001
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International Industrial Certification co Ltd – TE ISO 9001
International Industrial Certification co Ltd – TE ISO 9001

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